States’ Rights – The States Sovereignty Movement Continues to Grow.

Photo of the Constitution of the United States of America. A feather quill is included in the photo,

by Brian McCandliss – Originally posted on    

      Before the Constitution was ratified, each and every state was a complete independent nation– just like England, France or Italy, or any other sovereign nation.

     Even after the Constitution was signed, the individual states still considered themselves as remaining separate sovereign nations, and that the Constitution simply formed a “federal republic” among them– which by definition is 100% voluntary, i.e. member-states are free to depart from it at any time, and cannot be coerced by other member-nations.

     However this belief soon began to change in succeeding generations, with the claim that the states had deliberately chosen to give up their sovereignty as separate nations, in order to form a single sovereign nation. Within 45 years, many people began to believe it, and it soon became federal policy– even though the states had never changed their sovereign status after the Constitution, and many entire states still claimed that they were separate sovereign nations.

     Today, many claim that the American Civil War “settled” this question; however the federal government denies that it conquered any sovereign states; and therefore the war did not change any state’s sovereignty.

     Since the war, the federal government has claimed absolute sovereign national authority over all people, states and territories within the Union, and even names itself to be “our national government.”  It tells us that its word is final regarding all disputes. It does not base this claim on the outcome of the war, but on the claim that the Constitution forms the states into a single nation.

     However, evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable that the Constitution does not change state sovereignty, despite the federal government’s systematic attempts to suppress it.

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  1. Brian,

    Excellent article, as always. I would add three more points about political economy and the rights of free nation-States (like us 50 sovereign States of America) to determine their courses in the world:

    Issue #1

    Whenever the federal government sends its standing troops to a foreign land to kill and maim people in their own homes, and to take control of their petroleum and avigation assets, and to corce them to take up systems of government, law, and culture foreign to thier own — that is an exercise of tyranny and empire. This was never in the charter between the States!

    However this exercise of military empire may serve the mercenary interests of corporate chieftains here and abroad, it's a high and heinous crime against the American kids who ignorantly go to their deaths, against the "insurgent" families who are only defending their own neighborhoods and living rooms, and against all human decency and fair play.

  2. For several generations now, parents of millions of American kids who might otherwise end up in a gang, or in jail, or knocking up the neighbor's daughter — are more than happy to have them earn a military paycheck and be sent far away to stay 'out of trouble'. This is immoral, and the 'pride' we take in such mercenary activity is not American pride at all. We need to learn to put ourselves in the shoes of parents on the other side of the planet. If their sons were to come to your living room and step on your neck, and blow your neighborhood to smithereens, I guarantee, your younger sons would vow to the death, that they'll go over there and get revenge.

    In other words, Americans allowing the federal military to be used as mercenary contractors for industrial giants in foreign lands, are creating enemies for ALL of America, and those enemies have long, long memories.

  3. Excellent posts! Thanks so much for commenting

  4. Sorry I hogged the board, but your comment software only allows short pieces.
    Please do look at the America Again! site, and if you're not holding a rally in your town, consider it.


  5. Issue #2

    Government schools no longer teach the truth, the plain facts of history. Very quietly, over two generations, the public schools just gradually phased out history and civics, so the average government-school graduate is just as full of hogswallop and propaganda, and just as ignorant of what has REALLY happened in the world — as any kid in Nazi Germany was, or as any kid in the old Soviet Union was.

    This is not only immoral; it is disastrous to our future.

  6. Issue #3

    The most vital issue of all today is the impending death of the Rule of Law. Aside from the law of nations, the perennial negotiation between the most powerful nations on earth, we have our own American law.

    In our system of law in the American Republic, there are three "worlds"; three systems of courts:

    1) the Courts of the States, which is the system of law that most of us deal with all our lives in matters great and small;

    2) the federal courts, which deal only with matters between the States, or between a state and the federal creature we made, or for use by the federal creature in its own 10-mile-square enclave (Washington, D.C.), or on its military bases or other federal enclaves. We the People and our sovereign States have also consistently used these courts to deal with constitutional matters, which, as I will explain presently, makes no sense; and

    3) the federal military courts, where our federal creature deals with individuals who are under contract to the military.

  7. We the People and our sovereign States were the creators of the federal government. It is the creature of that legal compact between the sovereign States. The sovereign States came to the table; the federal government did not.

    The federal government was not a party to the compact. It is the CREATURE of the States, given birth by that compact. It can only do what the compact allows it to. Anything beyond that is ILLEGAL.

    Read the first sentence in Article III of the US Constitution: the federal courts were created at the pleasure of Congress, and only exist at Congress' pleasure. In other words, it's exactly the OPPOSITE of what most fearful Americans believe, that fderal courts are higher than their State Court. No!! According to the Constitution for the united States of America, the federal courts are the creature of our creature! They are NOT above us; they are lower than the entity WE created!

  8. What that means: the countless high crimes of Washington D.C. against We the People and against our sovereign States deserve civil and criminal sanctions against each member of Congress individually, in his own State, under his own State laws on fraud, racketeering, and the rest.

    The plan to accomplish that tactical enforcement goal is called the America Again! project. It’s coming to your town on April 15th or July 4th. Look on the tea party websites; see if there’s one planned for your town. If not, start planning one.

  9. We’ve allowed criminals in our creature government to run our lives, monitor every toilet-flush, tell us what we can do with our own land, water, money, and kids. It puts cameras on street corners and satellites. It reads our emails and listens to our phone calls, and this is tyranny. The ‘leaders’ meet at cochtail parties at Barry Hussein Obama's house, to decide when they’ll steal the next trillion dollars out of your hard work.

    Not any more, boy howdy. We the People and the Sovereign States of America have a newsflash for D.C. al Qaeda, all over America on April 15th and on Independence Day:

    New Deck. New Deal. Let's roll.

    Tax Day Tea Party

  10. The Constitution is a list of enumerated powers and limitations to those powers. Now, if we assume that the states are not sovereign nations, then the Federal Government, through Congress would have told control of the states. However, the ninth and ten amendments completely negate the notion that the states are not sovereign. But more importantly, Article I Section 8 second to last paragraph limits the enumerated powers of Congress to the District of Columbia and any property PURCHASED by the Federal Government from the states with the authority and consent of that state's Legislature.
    continued on next comment

  11. Article I Section 8:___To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings

  12. The States are Sovereign Nations that have chosen to unite with other Sovereign Nations (States) under a Constitution. The Federal Government was design to be the hub that unites these Sovereign Nations. It was never intend to be the master of these Nation States.
    Imagine a large palatial home. In this home are four generations of the same family, four great grandparents, six grandparents, twelve parents, and twenty-eight children. Also in this house are a staff and a House Manager. The House Manager is what many think of as a Butler and is in charge of the household staff. It is the job of the House Manager to oversee the operations of the home and tend to the needs of the Family.
    This describes the true relationship between the States and the Federal Government. The States are the Family Members and the Federal Government is the Butler or House Manager. Unfortunately, the Butler has let his authority go to his head and now he things the Family works for him.
    Well, in the real world, a Butler who has grown too big for his britches usually gets fired! It is time to fire this government and to return to a truly Constitutional Government.

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