Sons of Confederate Veterans Logo Banned from Nascar Race

Sons of Confederate Veterans Logo

     Please read below to find the text of the letter from Michael Givens, Lt. Commander in Chief of the SCV regarding this issue.  The letter was originally posted on the SCV’s blog.  Please consider writing in protest of this matter to Nascar’s CEO Brian France at

Dear Compatriots,

I hope you are all well. I write you today to report that we have been officially blocked from displaying our logo on a race car in the Arca race at Rockingham this weekend.

When this journey began back in January, we were assured that our logo had been approved. We originally approached Nascar about the possibility and were turned down, but Arca had approved our design for the race at Daytona. Nascar got involved with the issue at Daytona as they own the track that Arca was racing on and we switched our sponsorship to the Rockingham race. This was done because Nascar had no connection to the Rockingham race, it was fully Arca.

I personally spoke with the owner of the Rockingham racetrack to make sure he would not have any problems. He welcomed our participation and made offers to attract as many SCV members to the race as possible.

We had our green flag and were finishing up the final design when I received a call from our driver, James Hylton. He had just spoken with the president of Arca and he informed him that we could not run a car with the Confederate Flag on it. I then called the president and had a lengthy conversation with him about this matter. He would not agree that we had been given approval although he admitted that a man from his organization had spoken with the man responsible for our contract. We only accepted the contract after we had been given approval by Arca. I explained this but the president was firm. He allowed that we could run our car with our name, website and phone number but not our federally registered logo that is issued on many state license plates. I explained that this is unacceptable and not what our contract allowed.

Therefore, our money is being returned. This points out just how much work we still need to do to vindicate the cause of our ancestors and educate the public on the truth of their symbols. I do not know what good will come from this project but I have hopes. To quote Jack Marlar, "A stable with no horses is always clean." He is right about that and that is why we continue trying to push the envelop and win as many battles as possible.
I had my final meeting with our driver, James Hylton today and presented him with his SCV membership certificate. He was visibly moved to be a part of this great organization even though he had just lost a much needed sponsor. After shaking my hand he covered his head with an SCV cap and told me that from now on, he intends to climb out of his race car, take off his helmet and don that cap. He then said, "Just let them say something about that!"

Thank you for your support. Onward to the next hill.

Respectfully yours,
Michael Givens
Lt. Commander-in-Chief


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  1. Basically, NASCAR wouldn't allow a car that had a Confederate Flag on it to race. Even when that flag was part of the logo of the car's sponsors.

  2. I certainly hope other folks see what is wrong with that! This website exists to make people aware of what that flag really stands for! NASCAR is just pandering to the "Politically Correct" crowd who has decided it is popular and appropriate to denigrate the Confederate Flag and the cause for which it really stood. We are heading full tilt down a slippery slope, pretty soon we won't be allowed to display the Stars and Stripes either because it offends someone because their ancestors were from England and that is a flag that fought against their ancestors country. The PC movement is single handedly destroying everything this country was founded upon.

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  3. For every confederate flag that is not allowed to go up in a public place a lawsuite should be filed againsed the offending party. Also, confed. flags should be flown and displayed as much as possible by the entire citizenry of this country to show support for states rights and responsibility. perhaps if this was done a long, long time ago our neighborhoods in our great cities would still be decent places to live and work. Americans have given in too much to the politically correct crowd, enough is enough. Stick up for yourselves. Pres. Truman was a member of the Sons of Confederate veterans as is Clint Eastwood and Ron Paul. God Bless Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis and the memory of the old South. Tom, St. Clair Shores, MI.

  4. I will take my stand.deo vindice.

  5. I still am a proponent of the Confederate Battle Standard, !st National, the Bonney Blue. I saw a historian on TV equate the symbols of the C.S.A. to that of the swastika. That nauseated me! They are all American flags, every bit as much as the Union's is. Those who cower from their public display really fear of some sort of public backlash, for promoting 'racism'. Isn't it ironic to think that the KKK at its height marched with the Stars and Stripes?…..I'm not a NASCAR fan at all. I do not care for the noise and culture. But, if some racing team wishes to display Saint Andrew's Cross, Confederate style, bravo!

  6. I do think that our countrys Ignorance overrides common sense . all our lives this country has taught our children that the old south was about slavery but their very wrong all these political groups make issues over the flag of the confederacy .how ive been told you cant fix stupid .most of my 135 ancestors Joined the confederate army and 98% didnt even own slaves gee I wonder what was their cause to fight was "State Rights" . Hello!!!! wake up America.also their were many Black men who fought for the CSA. The same issues are going on today Federal Involvement in States Rights . Lets all blame it on Slavery .!!!

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