Maurice’s BBQ in Columbia, SC takes down Confederate Battle Flag.


  Maurice Bessinger has proudly flown the Confederate Battle Flag over his famous chain of BBQ restaurants for nearly a decade but now he says the poor economy is forcing him to remove the flags due to the rising cost of Dry cleaning! 

   The Confederate Battle Flag will be coming down at his Columbia, SC locations but will remain flying at other restaurants. The South Carolina state flag will remain flying above his Columbia restaurants.  He did indicate that if the economy picks up the flags will return. Mr. Bessinger apparently stated that his decision was in no way an attempt to drum up additional business from those that opposed his Southern patriotism.

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     Webmaster comment –

     I am fully aware of the many sacrifices that Mr. Bessinger has gone through because of his show of Southern patriotism at his restaurants.  I’m sure these sacrifices have taken a profound financial toll but to take the flag down and blame it on “Dry cleaning” costs is just embarrassing. 

     If it was about dry cleaning costs wouldn’t it make sense to remove ALL of the flags and not just the so-called “politically incorrect” one?  I’ve always admired Maurice’s stand on this matter and am sorely disappointed on his decision to remove the flag.  I hate to admit it but I suspect that Mr. Bessinger’s decision is based more on getting his products back onto the shelves of big box retail stores than his “dry cleaning” bills.

     I humbly ask my readers to let Mr. Bessinger know that we are not happy with his decision to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from his restaurants and would like him to reverse his decision.  You can email Maurice’s BBQ at

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  1. I wasn't botherd by the Confederate flag flying when I visited, but I was bothered by the banquet table filled with racist, pro-slavery literature when we went inside. I can understand why southerners would want to fly a flag that represents their heritage and how they would be offended that people would say they are just being racist, but the hand-outs being offered at Maurice's prove that he's a racist.

    If you want people to take your show of Southern Heritage seriously you should dissassociated from and denounce people like Maurice Bessinger.

  2. The institution of Slavery was dieing on the vine in the Southern State at the outbreak of the War. In fact, the Confederate Constitution expressely prohibited the further importation of Slaves from outside the exisiting states of the Confederacy. I believe that the founders of that nation saw the writing on the wall and were agreeable to letting Slavery die of natural causes in the South just as it had done throught the rest of the world during the past century. That war was NOT about slavery.

    However, I don't know which literature you are speaking of directly but if it was from a viewpoint that Slavery was not the foundation for the war, I support it wholeheartedly. If it was from the standpoint that slavery should be reinstituted then I condemn it and can see how it would be viewed as racist but frankly, I've never seen any brochure that said something as abhorrent.


  3. I have seen literature that stated that the relationship between master and slave was not often as bad as it is made out to be. I am sure that was true in some cases and in other cases there were absolutely instances of severe abuse. The difference is, the worst cases of abuse were held up as normal behavior by the northern abolitionist propaganda machines. Just like with anything else, I think you have to think about it in a historical context. Back then, just as today, the "media" is really only interested in broadcasting information that supports their own viewpoints rather than being impartial.


  4. My wife and I were visiting South Carolina last year and after touring the state capitol, we asked the tour guide for the best bbq, and Maurice's was recommened. Mind you, we are from, get ready, California. I am native born. We went and I for one fell in love with it. I thought that it was gutsty for Maurice to fly the Battle Flag. Since the Union side won the Civil War, I really do not get worked up over those that fly the Battle Flag. It is part of our AMERICAN heritage. People should not get so worked up over it. I even bought a Confederate flag in Charleston on our visit. I am disapointed with Maurice taking down the Battle Flag. BTW, I do not remember seeing any racist material but there was A LOT of material. I just thought it was the best pulled pork I ever had :-)!

  5. I am a dam Yankee who planted roots in Columbia, SC some 31 years ago. We have been eating at Piggy Park for all of those 31 years until I got Celiac Sprue Disease (intolerance to gluten) and was never offended by the Rebel flag flying outside.
    The rebel flag is part of southern history and reminds me every time I see it that we should never again hold another person in bondage as the southern states did. No one ever said you have to read, look at or buy the material he sells about the south. Piggy Park has the best BBQ in the state as far as I am concerned.

  6. Abraham Lincoln on October 10th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    I am ashamed to say that I worked for this man, however; I am proud to say, these flags were always bought brand new! NEVER DRYCLEANED! What a fake!

  7. I read somewhere I while ago and just typed it in and came up with this. If its true how can people say whites are racists b/c of the flag when its clearly herritage. AND that also a few of the top slave owners from back then were black? These include individuals such as Justus Angel and Mistress L. Horry, of Colleton District, South Carolina, who each owned 84 slaves in 1830. In fact, in 1830 a fourth of the free Negro slave masters in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves; eight owning 30 or more (2). Has anyone else heard this to be true? This is where i found it:

  8. How about emailing him to thank him for flying our flag? So few business do nowdays.

  9. The northern states also held people in bondage and the vast majority of the slave traders were Yankees! Due to climate and crop types, the yanks abolished slavery sooner than the southern states. What a low blow from a bunch of lying hypocrites it was and is to claim that the USA invaded and conquered the CSA to end slavery. Then, they go and kill just about every Native American east of the Mississippi and today defend mothers that kill their babies in the womb. God, please help these people see their sin and hypocrisy and repent and turn to Jesus before more are slaughtered here and around the world!

  10. I'm proud to say I am a Southern man… Although I understand why the flags came down in the Columbia area I must say it disappoints me greatly! I along with many others have fought and fought hard to keep that flag flying. Due to dictated history, a few bad apples and misguided youth, that flag(s) along with every southern state and its history has gotten a bad rap. Southern or not, people need to understand that the Southern cause was greater than slavery itself. Southern independence was a constitutional right. Much like today, ridiculous laws and taxes were being pasted and in return causing two sides to be drawn. I truly believe most southern people today and in the past would disagree with the intuition of slavery. Freedom really is the only way. However, no one alive today has the right to judge what people did over 160 years ago. We know nothing of that time!! Tolerance for other cultures, just not mine. “That time has come and gone” they say… The double standard in this country is so disappointing!
    I've never seen pro-slavery or any racist material for sale. Just a quick FYI

  11. Ask Maurice why he took down his over sized BBQ sign with the Rebel flag on top of the roll on I-95? I was at his Columbia location a few years ago, I was annoyed with the books and flyers when entering the restaurant. I think Maurice has been losing business, and the lame excuse of dry cleaning is not the reason.

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