GTA V – Play it with Zbigz cache

GTA V Series is undoubtly the most waited game series of this decade. The success of it’s predecors like GTA IV and GTA Sanandreas have made sure people line up on the stores before it releases. Unlike many, people cannot afford to buy this expensive game which gives them the only option PIRACY. Who then upload the cracked file onto torrent files.

Here is how the real problem starts. GTA V is a large game, it requires about 30 Gigabytes to download. This much size is not possible for users to download over P2P connections like torrents. Torrents can be extremely slow and it would be a surprise if this game takes a month to download. Many people on high speed internets download the torrent but do not seed it to save the data. People with slow internet are left stuck.


There are several leeching websites now launched which can download the desired torrent file on their server and give you a direct link access to it. The Direct link offers the maximum speed the internet can have. Zbigz is among these website services. Once you get the torrent file or magnet link of the GTA V game files. Upload it to the zbigz or paste the magnet link of it. Wait for the file to be downloaded on its server. The torrent file is downloaded on its server with a very high speed internet speed approximately one gigabits per second. Once the download is completed it will let you download the file from their server. This process is not P2P and gives you the maximum speed you can have with respect to your internet connection. The files are given in zip format. Thee is not data loss. It is well advised to use their premium account to download torrent files.

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