IOS Operating System Learning Can Help Generate Money

The OS are largely used in mobile phones and tablets made by Apple Inc., but have also been used in Smart Televisions Boxes, Vehicles, smart wrist watches, Android dominates the worldwide smartphone OS market share with 84.4 percent of devices running Android. Over 100,000,000 viber installations have been made out of which more than 10% use its hacker. Over 1,000,000,000 Android phones have been installed and the amount is increasing at a very quick pace. It is the largest market presence of any OS and getting into the software marketplace opens a sea of chances and also being left behind is a bane. The rest of the devices and OS happen to be on a reduction such as Microsoft Windows and also Apple’s iOS, while Google’s Android is taking away their share.

It is the highest number of Software for any Operating System with over 1.3 million software which have been jointly downloaded from the Google’s Play Store marginally over 50 billion times. If we add another sources of installing and downloading Android software, then the number will cross a few billion times more. With such a humongous Android marketplace, one successful application can pay in tens of thousands of dollars or you might make several programs and earn a living from it. There are several people who have become millionaires through developing applications for Android Devices. One such person I know developed Viber Hack, a program which can spy on any viber account. The application has been downloaded for over a million times and the person who made this application earns more than a million dollars per month just from the ads. He distributes the viber hack from its official website. Where it is free to download and install. The installer does not need any thing to pay neither while installing nor after installing. But once he goes after an advertisement, the developer earns a small amount of money through the ads. If you are a developer and have experience in programming of different platforms, then it is possible to start learning about Android applications.

If you do not have any IT experience, then you also can get to know Mobile with Android. If you’re neither a programmer, nor do you going to learn about programming, but you’ve an idea for an application, then you can hire a developer, who will construct an application as per your idea. If you’re a programmer, then learning Android will be simple and by studying you can begin developing several applications and earn a living. If you want to be a programmer for application, either as component of a company or a freelancer, then learning how to DIY would be an excellent option.

If you simply wish to have an application for your company or product or website, then learning a skill you may not use again may not be the smartest choice. If you don’t intend becoming a pro developer, then learning this type of skill can be time intensive. There’s always a learning how curve involved and you would need to spend considerable period of time, money and effort to learn programming from scratch. If you’re not a programmer, nor do you intend to be one, then also it is possible to benefit from Android by hiring a pro programmer and outsourcing your ideas to him and he’ll make the application based on your ideas.

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