I Took Singing Lessons By Myself On My Phone

Singing lessons are the best way to improve your singing performance but many of us are so self conscious that we hesitate to even try.

With online singing lessons this isn’t a problem. There is no one to hear your mistakes except yourself. You wont feel shy once you get used to it and your friends and family will be surprised and delighted when you are finally able to sing in company. You are totally in charge and you can fit your online singing lessons in to suit your schedule. You don’t have to fit in around a singing teacher you can have your lessons whenever its most convenient for you. Not only that the cost of face to face singing lessons can be very high. With online singing lessons you pay once and then you can access the lessons as often as you need. You can even record them onto your MP3 player and listen to them on the move.

Its that flexibility that is one of the best things about learning online. You can go over things time and again without feeling anyone thinks you are stupid until you get it just right. You get to set the pace and you are in charge. All my life I wanted to be a good singer like the rest of my family. Everyone else could stand up and join in a song but I learned pretty early that my best bet was to just mouth the words and hope no one noticed me. I was held back by doubt and fear but I always wanted to be able to sing. I fell for the myth that some people are just born with the gift and that I’m not one of them. This was until I started practising singing through my singing monsters which helped me a lot being a good singer. I used a good program which removed all the barriers from it, the cheats were amazing and the program hacked and customised it into my singing monsters hack.

I found the idea of singing in public at all far too scary so the thought of singing for a real, live singing teacher was totally out of the question. Many people, like me have bad memories of singing teachers in school. I’m sure they didn’t mean to make me feel small and useless but that sure was the result.

What I’ve learned recently is that that this stuff about natural talent really is a myth. A lot of people just don’t feel comfortable with their voices. What a shame so many folks never discover how simple and fast it can be to improve their singing voice. The big lie is you need a natural gift to be a talented singer. This is a popular misconception and it is just not true.

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