Employee of BJ’s Wholesale Club Files Lawsuit Over Confederate Flag Ban

Confederate Battle Flag Banned

     An employee of a BJ’s Wholesale Club distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida has filed a lawsuit against his employer due to their banning of the Confederate Battle Flag.  In May of 2008, company management informed BJ’s employee Bobby Tillett that he would no longer be allowed to park on company property if he continued to fly the Confederate Battle Flag from his pickup truck. Instead of removing his flag, Mr. Tillett has been parking on publicly owned property and walking a half-mile to his place of employment.

     The lawsuit against BJ’s Wholesale Club was confirmed by Mr. Tillett’s attorney.  BJ’s corporate management has issued the following statement regarding their decision to ban the Confederate emblem.

"Like all employers, we have guidelines of appropriate personal behavior and expression at work. While the policy does not identify any specific type of expression, it generally prohibits expression that is rude, abusive, hostile or intimidating. Under these guidelines, we asked this team member to not display the Confederate flag in our parking lot. We are confident that we have struck the right balance for all of our team members and their work environment."

     Despite a “tense” work environment, Mr. Tillett has continued to work at BJ’s for the past year while continuing to park off-site and walk to work. After nearly a year of BJ’s refusing to overturn their ban of the flag, Tillett decided enough was enough and intended to sue. When asked if he was concerned about being fired because of his refusal to remove his flag Mr. Tillett had this to say about the situation.

"It’s about heritage; it’s about pride," Tillett said in May. "I don’t look at it much different than the American flag. There’s been a lot of blood spilled over that flag, too, and I love that flag, and I’ll fly it ’till the day I die."

"I hope firing comes up. Makes things worse for them."

     I applaud Mr. Tillett’s choice to stand by his convictions and his refusal to be bullied into removing an emblem of his Southern pride and heritage by a Northern company that is openly hostile towards the Confederate Flag, a banner that million’s of Southerners cherish as a symbol of their heritage and homeland. 

     It is obvious that by describing the Battle Flag of the Confederacy as “rude, abusive, hostile or intimidating” BJ’s has no interest in the patronage of those of us that love that flag.  I strongly encourage all my readers to boycott BJ’s Wholesale Club and instead patronize a Southern run warehouse club such as Sam’s Club. It is my sincere hope that this lawsuit will uphold Mr. Tillett’s right to fly the Confederate Flag. I also hope that in the near future, BJ’s Wholesale will be forced to move their stores north of the Mason-Dixon Line due to the lack of Southerners willing to give their hard-earned money to such an anti-Southern company.

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  1. I began working at bjs in revere on dec. 26, 2008. at the time of my interview, when i saw the per hr. rate, i got up and said i didnt want the job. I wanted to go bace to school for medical billing and coding, but the personnel manager and the op manager convinced me that after my review in 3 months that i would get the money i wanted and a different position. well, three monthe passed and the extent of my review was that i was acceptable to continue working at bjs, with a 25cent raise. when i told them that i could not live on this money, their attitude was, good luck with that. I was later to learn that the managers that were hiring had bets on how many people they could get to settle for the money offered, and that the pay rate was lower because of the economy and that people were desperate. I am still at bjs, looking for another job, and hating every day i have to spend there. i am literally depressed over this. just my opinion. linda malone

  2. I think that their labor practices are totally misleading .

  3. hey dude we feel your pain, hundreds of us


  4. Franklin R. Smith Jr on December 5th, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    obveously they dont know the truth behind the south's side of the war! they only see what washingtion wants them to see. i find myself being attacked myself a lot because of my heratige. but i will never give up! i will continue to be a small voice for my southern heratige. we southernars have rights as well as bj's Wholesale Club.

  5. Black people find the confederate flag to be a racist symbol, rather you like it or not. The BJ's I live by is always very busy, so there must not be too many people worried about your flag.

  6. Thats fine. I choose to find the Confederate flag a venerated symbol of my heritage and resistance to Federal encroachment upon the rights of the states. I also fly it as a statement of opposition to Hamiltonian Federalism. I do this too…whether people like it, or not.

  7. I find the display of the naacp emblem offensive and racist but would not be so arrogant to ban an employees car from the parking lot. I guess some do not know the real meaning of being tolerant.

  8. if someone finds the Confederate flag "racist" they need a real history lesson

  9. I personally find that anyone who complains about my flag is a rascist. They want to hate us for slavery, even some caucasions want to feel so badly about the subject, but they need to hate where hate is needed. We did not fight the great war of the states over slavery no more than the north did. The whole war, there were atleast 4 legal slave holding states in the north. Lincoln only wanted to stop future states from being slave states, not abolish it totally, if that were the case he'd a just done it.
    The real animals were tribal Africans who quickly realized there was a market for warfare prisoners.

  10. wow this is a bunch of bull crap the confederate flag(or rebel flag) is about pride in a homeland that fought so hard for what they believed was right and to stop the oppresion being forced on them. im a cenral missourian and i fly the flag high because to me its a symbol of freedom and not backing down from the govt
    save your confederate money boys the south will rise again!

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