About Me

Hello, and Welcome to Good Old Rebel Blog. My aim is to keep people informed about American War History and its defense capabilities.

Why Good Old Rebel Blog?

The website is created to gather and publish all the information related to defense.

The Website has been publishing articles since 2006 and is always reluctant to share articles as soon as it gets a word. The website closely watches the American Defense News and has great connections in the pentagon.


How this Blog Started?

This website is run through the courtesy of American War Veterans. As told by the AWV the website is only made to keep people informative about American Defense. The website was started in 2006, 3 Years after the Iraqi War. The American War Veterans thought about the lack of information related to defense to general people and wanted the information available online to get people knowledgeable and supportive of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I here at the GoodOldRebel.com Blog is a Admin, who have a great deal of interest and knowledge of war, defense and defense equipment.