Beta Testing of New Kik Messenger with Game Changer Features On its Way

Kik beta has a brand new feature which will make life simpler for users that like to send a lot of text messages. The Google Android beta application will support the choice to lock voice message recording. This feature on Kik which will make sure a user does not have to always hold mic while recording the message. The feature has been rolled out to iOS users, based on reports. Kik lock voice message recording kik lock voice message recording on Android beta ensures that a user will not have to keep the mic button pressed down while recording.

When the message bar shows a locked symbol, it means it will automatically lock the voice messenger. The voice recording will continue from the message bar that is send. Any user may press cancel if they not want to share this, and it’ll automatically get trashed. Nevertheless, if a user wants to send the voice message, then they can simply press the send alternative, that is the green arrow next to cancel. Earlier for voice recording users had to hold the mic button and after that slide to send the message. With the voice recording lock, it can make things a whole lot simpler and simpler.

While we can see the feature on the Google Android beta variant, the iOS edition of the application didn’t reflect the voice recording lock choice for us however. Kik Android beta testers will need to be on edition 3.28.001 or higher for the function to appear. Kik users can register for be beta testers from this Google Play Shop itself. Just go to Kik Messenger page on this Google Play Shop. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a choice for signing up to be that a beta tester. Click yes, and you’ll be enrolled in the beta program. The beta testing program doesn’t need any computer gig person. Anyone who uses Kik can get the beta version and use it. If the user faces any problem or notices any flaw he/she can report it to the Kik Messenger support so the flaw can be fixed and there are no bugs in the official released application.

In the Kik Messenger’s Website there is also an inside account available to register if the registrant can show the necessary language knowledge. Insider account lets developers modify the application.

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