Virginia High School’s Confederate Flag Ban Sparks Flag Rally in Protest – Breitbart


After school administrators at Staunton River High School in Montea, Virginia, enforced its policy, telling students that the flag was banned from vehicles in the school’s parking lot, a group of students said they organized to sponsor a parade of cars festooned with the rebel flag to express their First Amendment rights.

According to WDBJ, CBS Channel 7, students Chas Goodson and Zachary Barton were told to leave their flags at home but felt the school was attempting to shut down their Constitutional right to free expression.

The pair of students said they outfitted their vehicles with the Confederate symbol in memory of recently-passed country music legend but were confronted by school administrators over the flags.

“We are very proud of our heritage and we want to be able to show it,” Barton told Channel 7. “We were given our First Amendment right for a reason and we want to be able to use it.”

School administrations hastened to claim they have no intention of stomping on anyone’s First Amendment rights but feel it necessary to “limit distractions” for the students.

“We have to limit any and all things that we determine are a distraction to the school day,” Bedford County Public Schools spokesman Ryan Edward said on Friday.

But the students who organized the parade of autos said their response isn’t over. Students and parents also went to the campus and marched with their flags too, some representing a group called “Battle Flag Rally for Freedom.”


Virginia Flaggers looking for Land for Confederate Memorial Flag

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