Renaming Nathan Bedford Forrest High School to cost taxpayers $350,000

The cost to rename a Jacksonville, Florida high school from Nathan Bedford Forrest High School to Westside Senior High is slated to cost taxpayers $350,000 according to  In a cowardly move, the Duval County School Board voted unanimously to change the name last December and at the same time promised to use “Its own funds” or donated funds to provide for the name change.   As if it’s own funds weren’t provided by taxpayers in the first place.  The community and past alumni of the school were overwhelmingly against the name change.

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School

Here we are again folks!  The cost for this particular round of groveling before the almighty altar of political correctness is North of a quarter million dollars.  That money is being wasted in order to change the name of a school that is linked to a proud and courageous individual such as Nathan Bedford Forrest to one that has no personality or heritage other than a geographical descriptor.   It is only fair that every school in Duval county that is named after a person whether they be black, white, or purple also be changed.  There is also a Robert E. Lee High School in Duval county and I can only assume that will be the next one on the chopping block to

have a new name forced upon it.  This is just another example of the ongoing war against any attempt to recognize or respect anything Confederate.  The erasure of our history and heritage marches on and if we don’t stand up against this tide of political correctness within a generation or two there will be absolutely nothing left.  Please call or write the Duval School Board to let them know you are against the name change for Nathan Bedford Forrest High School and the egregious waste of taxpayer dollars that will be used to accomplish it!

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Firefighter suspended over Confederate Flag fire ax

Confederate Flag Banned

According to WFTV, a firefighter in Orange County, Florida has received a 12 hour unpaid suspension for painting a Confederate Flag on his fire ax. The suspension is the result of the ax being used during a structure fire at the home of a black man. A fire department lieutenant saw the painted ax, reported it to a supervisor, and took it away before the distraught homeowner saw it. Jeff Holton, the son of the Assistant Fire Chief, claimed responsibility for painting the Confederate Flag on the ax and told those investigating the issue that to him it signified his small town roots and the values of family and hard work.  Orange County Fire Chief Otto Drozd claimed the investigation showed a “culture of entitlement” at the fire station.  More than half the staff at the station has since been transferred.

This is completely ridiculous!  We have a situation in which the homeowner didn’t even see the object in question or claim to be offended by it and everyone freaks out and starts an investigation that ends up with a guy that was just trying to do his job with a little Southern pride being suspended without pay.  I don’t care if it was for just 12 hours, it is the principle of the thing that matters.  Hell, the homeowner may have supported the flag!  He certainly wouldn’t have been the only black man to do so!  So, what we get here is a witch hunt that ends up in half of the station getting transferred.  Something is seriously wrong in the Orange County Fire Department.  I highly encourage you to email, call, or tweet Chief Otto Drozd and let him know your opinion on this matter!  We don’t need young men that are simply trying to do their job being hassled because they proudly displayed a symbol of their heritage.  I have to wonder if the result would have been the same if the ax had been painted with the Pan-African Flag.  Somehow, I highly doubt it!

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King Day marchers demand removal of South Carolina Confederate Flag


     The NAACP is once again attacking the South Carolina Confederate Flag that flies from the monument to our soldiers at the Capitol grounds in South Carolina according to an article published in The State. This is 13 years after the state removed the flag from it’s place on top of the State House dome and placed it at the Confederate Soldier’s monument.   South Carolina also attempted to appease the NAACP by adopting a Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and placing an African-American history monument on the at the Capitol but that has not appeased the group. Rev. William Barber who is the President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP made the statement  “To hell with that flag,”  and other leaders announced a new petition that people could sign to force the removal of our banner.  They also criticized Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell for his helping to create the original compromise that moved the flag to the Confederate Monument but allowed it to stay on Capitol grounds.

South Carolina Confederate Flag

Confederate Battle Flag at the Capitol in South Carolina

     The thing to take away here is that no compromise concerning our heritage will ever be “enough” for the NAACP.  Every inch that we give, every attempt to placate them, every “compromise” we are willing to make, only encourages them to insist upon more erasure of our history and heritage.  They will not stop until every shred of our past has been erased or until people finally stand up to their threats and bullying.  Be proud of your heritage, fly your Confederate Flag proudly, call or write your elected officials and encourage them to resist the tide of hatred and bigotry disguised as “political correctness”  that the NAACP is attempting to force down our throats.   Until they stop attacking our heritage while at the same time insisting on everyone glorifying and recognizing theirs, nothing will ever change.  Please share this article on Facebook or Twitter and let everyone know what the NAACP is attempting to do at the Capitol in South Carolina because their next attempt may be in your back yard.